Redeeming time #1- Spending less time on the Internet

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This Sept. 3, 2011 photo courtesy of Luminaire Images Photography shows groom James Williams, right, as he watches his bride Lauren Barnes use her iPhone to accept his Facebook relationship status change to married during their wedding at Long Beach Museum of Art in Long Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Luminaire Images Photography, Molly Yarchin)

Get ready for the long intro, the nice list comes at the end of the post ^^:

Have you ever thought about the fact that if, by some accident, the Internet as a platform was to be destroyed, if every blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and applications on your phone were to disappear, you would be very angry, if not regretful ?

I thought about that this afternoon. I was contemplating the possibility of the Internet disappearing, and all these pixels being swallowed in some kind of virtual vortex. How would then be our interaction with others ? Our capacity to be creative without instantly googling key words every time we are looking for a tutorial, a lesson, or a recipe ? How would we use our time ?

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