In the kitchen: Indian food !

Since I don’t have a lot of time to post these days… Just sharing tonight’s dinner- butter chicken and an Indian bread I baked this week, chapati- this bread is definitely worth a try since it is easy, without yeast so no rising time; it is baked in a skillet without oil or butter; and it is pretty amazing AND filling with Nutella too ! I now keep a bag of that dough in the fridge for mornings when I am in a rush. The recipe in the book only calls for whole wheat flour/salt/water-easy peasy !

Autumn is here !

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Autumn is finally here ! It’s definitely my favorite season: I could not wait anymore for crispy leaves (well, now they are not that crispy, just yellowish and sticking to the sole of my shoes- it has been raining a lot in the last days.But it undeniably felt autumny in my appartement yesterday as the scent of cinnamon baked apples spread in the room !

Not to mention a new recipe of hot cocoa I tried, one from the French Chef Pierre Hermé (the “Prince” of macarons)- which is incredibly light and does not leave one with that heaviness on the stomach I often get when I prepare a milk-based hot chocolate; it’s a water-based cocoa with cocoa powder, a small piece of dark chocolate and thought I omitted the pinch of Kosher salt Hermé used in his recipe- I opted instead for cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg, brown sugar and voilà ! It turned out perfectly perfect.

Now I can’t wait for soups.

Have a nice evening, y’all 🙂

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