My blog is one year old !

Time flies ! WordPress just sent me a blog anniversary notification. I thought I would write, on this occasion, another “count your blessings” blog post !

I’m thankful for:

  • All the refreshments -water, water sprays and fans available during the heatwave
  • An easy start of the new school year, with an exciting (and busy !) program and friendly colleagues
  • My English professor who was kind enough to review my resume and my cover letter
  • The fact that we have access to medications: my father is now under antibiotics because he might have been bitten by a nasty tick… (= probability of Lyme disease 😩 )
  • Tomorrow, God willing, my mom will turn 56 ! She still looks like a little doll and  probably is the most beautiful and perfect 56 yo in town (Ok, I might be biaised but really is that beautiful both inside and out). I will never take my mom for granted. She is a cancer survivor and went through many hard times in her life and in spite of that, her optimism and joy in the Lord strucks me every day. I love her and I am so thankful for her- she is my best friend, my miracle and my joy.
  • All the school supplies that make studying fun, and more generally all the comforts I am able to benefit from as a student.
  • The hope that the Lord Jesus is near
  • Answered prayers: I prayed that He would make me bolder for Him. As I naturall am a people-pleasing person, He is teaching me, through many things and experience, to put Him first and not to be ashamed of Him.I realized that the more time you spend with Christ, the less you are afraid of man.
  • Puffed rice chocolate (OF COURSE THIS IS A BLESSING !)
  • A lesson I am learning right now: That there is no substitute for God. For example, no matter how spiritual and good someone might seem, he or she will never be able to fill the void in your life …

1000 gifts

And the list goes on…

18. A deep conversation with one of my friends, at work, who apparently loves philosophy

19. A new, exciting project I’m thinking of for my last year of university

20. My new bus card- the prices are really affordable for students here 🙂

21. What is simmering in the pan while I’m writing !

22. Fresh bread from the bakery because Vive la France.

23. Gettting a bit of rest after a long day of work and school

24. New ideas, initiatives and projects that keep my thoughts busy

25. The fact that the Lord is using various experiences, sometimes painful ones, to teach me about Him.

26. This verse I read today: “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.” (1 Tim 6:6)

1000 gifts: choosing gratefulness

Ungratefulness and self-pity. Every since I could remember, from my youngest age, I have been prone to complain, to wallow in my own self-pity. It’s not fair, because I’m blessed, more than I imagine, but it’s always easier to see what we don’t have, to say that the grass is greener on the other side… While God bless us daily, showers us daily, with thousands of blessings. Tonight, as I was eating my dinner, I realized all the details the simple act of eating that chicken with a side or rice encompassed. And I felt bad for not counting my blessings.

I also realized that I am more prone to sin (beyond the sin of self-pity or ingratefulness themselves) when I am discontent and when I don’t rejoice in what the Lord is doing in my life daily. And it’s becoming increasingly dangerous. Therefore, I decided to make it a daily habit to count my blessings and to write them down, either in my journal or on this blog, and to compile them in a 1000 gifts list, just like my friend Katrina did on her blog (her blog is amazing by the way, and I’m always encouraged whenever I visit it).

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits” (Psalm 103:2)…

  1. Our house was flooded this week and praise the Lord, everyone is ok; the insurance paid for the damage, and we got to stay, for one week, in a nice hotel while waiting for our home to be repaired. I’m grateful for that because today in France, a flood happened in the South, and the consequences were far more tragic than a damaged wallpaper…
  2. My little sister, Joy, who is 17 years old and in whom I can see the Lord at work: she litteraly devours her Bible and is eager to follow the Lord, I am so encouraged by her example…
  3. Loving friends who think of me and often text me and show appreciation
  4. My parents, who celebrated 27 years of marriage this week and were joyful in spite of the flood
  5. My older brother, who moved to the other side of the country and is doing well, found a church and is doing great in his work.
  6. Warm clothes, scarves, because this autumn feels like winter…
  7. Daily food
  8. Organic eggs I had recently and that are pure awesomeness ! The yolk is so creamy !
  9. A nearby organic store that is affordable
  10. Kind coworkers
  11. The hospitality and love of my family in Christ
  12. The privilege of a good health
  13. This blog, because I always need a place to write
  14. A stationery kit I found at home, and the joy of writing handwritten letters…
  15. The possibility to visit my parents on weekends
  16. The Internet and all the ressources that I find on it
  17. Weekends and the restful times after long weeks…