Today’s diary: My back to school post !


Hy Ladies !

I am really excited to write this post (and no, it was not a lack of inspiration that led me to find some kind of super-uber-excited way of introduce it in order to get your attention lol). I am really excited to start university again, for what will be, God willing, my last year of pharmacy.

First of all, I want to start this post by thanking my God and Lord Jesus for the wonderful opportunity -after a year of questions and struggles, of an unexpected door- a Master’s degree in immunology, which is really interesting scientifically speaking and whose professors are amazing.

So today, for a bit of fun and also because I am well aware that I won’t have much time blogging this year, except for a few short posts every now and then, I thought I would blog about my back to school plans and habits !  Continue reading “Today’s diary: My back to school post !”

My frugal week

You know, far from being synonymous with a miserable life, I think frugality -making the most of what you have, learning skills in order to save- teaches you a lot. I think it taught me to pause, to stop, and no longer jump from one shopping spree to another. It taught me to work with my own hands, to be grateful for the clothes I had, to take care of them, to cook my own food and be grateful for it, to not take anything for granted… I am no longer in that rush that keeps me thinking, what should I buy next. I am learning to be content with what I have and I feel, honestly, richer that I have ever been, more that when I allowed myself to buy tons of stuff…

Also, I really think that as Christians, frugality is something we ought to aim for, in the sense, that we ought to be good stewards of what we have and not waste things. Think about what the Lord did with the loaves of bread…

Jesus then took the loaves, and having given thanks, He distributed to those who were seated; likewise also of the fish as much as they wanted. 12When they were filled, He said to His disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments so that nothing will be lost.”  (John 6: 11-13)


Little steps I have been taking, and things I have been doing recently in order to save money, increase my creativity and take care of the environment…


  •  I started carrying a small fabric tote bag in my purse so I would be able to say “no” to another plastic bag when I buy something
  • I made sushi for my family last week-end.
  • I have started adopting the need it or not ? mentality. Last day, I was considering purchasing on Amazon a makeup palette and I gave myself a few days to think about it. Eventually, I realized that I had tons of makeup and that I actually did not need that palette at all.
  • I am learning to say “no, I’m good” when pressured to buy something.
  • I have started making my own bread. Bread was something I avoided trying as I thought it was something too fancy and that you could not do unless you had a bread making machine… But trust me, it is really easy ! I don’t eat a lot of bread so I thought making my own small breads would be a good alternative:



  • I used what I have in the pantry to blend my own chai latte mix. In France, we don’t have that Starbucks/Tim Hortons culture so we don’t really have that budget hole due to Frappucinos and other drinks.


What frugal steps will you be taking this week ? I would love to hear your ideas !


Getting organized ! #1 The fridge

Last time I wrote a quite long post about why I was trying to spend less time on social media. Some days after I posted this article, I got rid of the app to which I was most addicted: Instagram. And one of the results of that is that my appartement has never been so tidy and organized ;). I have even printed a little ebook on homemaking and the new cleaning routines I have adopted are making my life much easier these days !

These new series of posts, Getting Organized, are just images from Pinterest that I find useful, within the context of my situation, to help me as I acquire new homemaking skills. I had just no idea how having a real routine, helps alleviate the stress and makes you more productive throughout the day. I hope you enjoy these series and again, everyone has a different home, organization, schedule… You just got to figure out what works for you !

For me, the one thing to remember here is to have baskets in which to put the food. They make a world of difference !

This “dollar store makeover” is definitely helpful: I am putting everything as well into baskets. That keeps everything visible before your eyes without risk of having that tomato hidden behind something else and ending up… rotten.
The ultimate fridge chart !


Redeeming time #1- Spending less time on the Internet

Weddings Technology
This Sept. 3, 2011 photo courtesy of Luminaire Images Photography shows groom James Williams, right, as he watches his bride Lauren Barnes use her iPhone to accept his Facebook relationship status change to married during their wedding at Long Beach Museum of Art in Long Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Luminaire Images Photography, Molly Yarchin)

Get ready for the long intro, the nice list comes at the end of the post ^^:

Have you ever thought about the fact that if, by some accident, the Internet as a platform was to be destroyed, if every blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and applications on your phone were to disappear, you would be very angry, if not regretful ?

I thought about that this afternoon. I was contemplating the possibility of the Internet disappearing, and all these pixels being swallowed in some kind of virtual vortex. How would then be our interaction with others ? Our capacity to be creative without instantly googling key words every time we are looking for a tutorial, a lesson, or a recipe ? How would we use our time ?

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Schedule # 1


The hard thing when you are living alone, as a student, is that when you have to study at home, whether because the library is too far and it’s raining or simply because it’s late and you have no option but to study in your room, is that you can often lack the motivation to study since there is no one to be accountable to ! Especially if like me, you only have a few lectures every now and then and that therefore, you rarely get to study with your friends from uni.

That’s why I have decided to start posting my schedules here online, and at the end of each week, cross the items off the list to give me a boost.


17/02-21/02: Things to do

-Cardiology homework -> done

-Accounting: read 4 lectures

-Create a Prezi for my presentation -> done

-Start putting a binder together for my pharmacology exam

-Tackle and finish the first chapter of this binder: diabetology

-Clean my room -> almost done

-Do laundry -> done

-Clean the bathroom -> will do on Monday

-30 min of fitness