Blogs I follow: food, homemaking, and other cool blogs

Recently, I decided to compile all the useful ressources in a list that I am posting here on my blog, just because I think that nowadays, the temptation to use in the world can make one waste a lot of time. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…Sometimes, the quest for a recipe become an endless wandering on your phone or your computer, and instead of really doing “real stuff”, you just spend hours and hours contemplating what you could do…without never doing it ! I really want to be wise when it comes to time management. Though I did not get rid of my accounts by deactivating them, I recently got rid of the Instagram and Pinterest App on my phone. And, instead of having my energy being spread everywhere, I choosed to stick to a few good blogs ! Here we go 🙂

Let’s eat !

  1. Oh she glows. Mostly vegan recipes !
  2. Une végétarienne presque parfaite (French)
  3. Cléa Cuisine (French)
  4. Paris-Alep (Syrian food…in French :/ Sorry guys you can’t beat French and Middle-Eastern food, hence the lack of english blogs)
  5. Cookie and Kate (oh, look, another cookie 😉 )
  6. VegrecipesofIndia

Cleaning up

Here are a few tools I use when it comes to my cleaning routine.


Found on Pinterest. I really need schedules- without them I’d attempt to do everything in a day instead of divide up the work.

-Since I am trying to find natural alternatives to conventional cleaning products, I found a website full of tips-(french) and another one here (english) on how you can make your own cleaning products at home with products you already have (vinegar, essential oils). When I’ll have time, I hope to print them and put them in a “homemaking binder”.

Fun stuff

Here are a few blogs I’ve been following-just for fun:

  1. Blessed Femina, by Miss Jen- one of my favorite
  2. Maid for More
  3. Living for Jesus. Katrina had a tremendous influence on me and she’s probably one of the sweetest women I know.
  4. I’m no Angel. Kylie Bisutti is a former Victoria Secrets model who became a Christian. You can know read her blog posts on her blog- I also read her eponymous book which is really great !


Everyday, my workout consists in doing a bit of fitness-ballet. It helped me a lot with my posture and I can do it every morning at home, which is great because I would not have the time to go to the gym anyway. Don’t let the word ballet fool you though, it’s harder than you think !

That’s pretty much everything for today. Nothing fancy, but I’m intending to simplify my life and not waste it on social media- so I’d rather gather everything in a list that I can access easily via my blog 🙂

Have a lovely weekend !


From the web: I love being a girl


Those days you write two (shorts) posts.

Love them.

I could not wait to share with you girls two of my favorite women-oriented ressources. I’ve been following Revive our Hearts for a while now and I love what they post on it- but yesterday, I re-discovered Lies Young Women Believe, a blog based on an eponymous book written by Nancy Leigh de Moss, a wonderful woman who also writes for Revive Our Hearts. I think all women will be encouraged by their sound, relevant posts- and I can’t recommend LYWB strongly enough to all the single gals out there. I read a few posts yesterday before going to bed and -having no assembly currently- I was so thankful for being able to have godly women encouraging me through what they write.

“If you’ve ever believed “I have to perform to be loved and accepted,” or “Beautiful girls are worth more,” than you’ve been straight-up lied to. We want to help you smash those lies with Truth from God’s Word so you can be free!”– Lies Young Women Believe

Have a blessed day dear readers 🙂



From the Web: notes and outlines of Mere Christianity


I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet.

I hate it because of its ability to distract you when you’re supposed to be studying or cleaning the kitchen- I’ll blame that on my lack of discipline- and I love it when I run into the exact thing I was looking for. Mere Christianity is, in my humble opinion, one of the best apologetic books I know (reading back that sentence, that might sound as if I had read TONS of apologetic books, which is not the case, only a few, actually-but come on, let us be honest and admit that Mere Christianity is one massive monument combining abstract realities with beautiful illustrations, which makes reading it a pure delight, both for the thinker and the fiction addict).

However, everything in the book is so quotable and so relevant that I have a hard time summarizing the great lines of the book – Okay, I haven’t tried ^^ but I know it would be difficult.

Today, the Internet reedeemed itself by giving me a nice, complete yet concise outline of the book. If you haven’t read the book, and you are looking for a quick “summary”, may I suggest you to take a look at it ? And if you have read the book and, perhaps, you need a good basis to start building an apologetic plan, then it’s also good for you. Click here for the link- special thanks to Andrew Dósa from the C.S Lewis Society of California for writing it !

A letter an eleven-year-old whose family doesn’t have enough food

How would you explain God’s love to an eleven-year-old whose family doesn’t have enough food?

Piper: “God wants us to trust him and want him more than we want food or parents or clothing or even life. He knows what we need most in order to become the kind of people he wants us to be. And even if you die, he will take care of you.”- Desiring God


This article from Desiring God, a letter from John Piper to a 11 years-old child broke my heart. It really did. Not that the answer of Piper was heartbreaking in the sense that it was disappointing, it was on the contrary written, I see, with a lot of love and tact. What I mean is, what “Tommy” is going through breaks my heart.

I was reading the comments people posted in reaction to Piper’s answer, and a lot of them sounded like “But why do you preach and don’t feed the boy”, or “Feed him first”. First, I would like to say that as we can see in his reply, John Piper was ready to help in a practical, concrete manner. And who knows if he did not actually help the family without shouting it from the rooftops, out of humility ? This remark aside, I wanted to share a few thoughts I had on my mind after I read this article- here they are, not necessarily in order of importance:

  • First, I hope that I will never be so sophisticated, so unapproachable as to make people too shy or embarrassed to ask me to help them.
  • Second, I’m thinking about the fact that some people will never ask for help. I remember, when I was a bit younger, that I was so proud and so independant that even if I was to starve, to take the example of the article- I don’t think I would have had been able to tell anyone. People often look so impressive. So above us. So cool. Always having serious conversations about the latest Iphone or some sophisticated gadget. They take food for granted. What embarrassement it would be, for me, and for them as well, if I was going to reveal that I struggle to eat. 
  • I am thinking of what we should teach our children. I’ve seen so many kids making fun of others, at school, because their clothes were not cool enough, because  from year to year they would keep the same backpack, the same pencil-case, etc. I think it is really, really important to teach the kids to not make fun of their classmates because you NEVER know what he or she might be going through: in high school, I had friends who were orphans; whose parents were poor; I’ve witnessed people taking secretarial courses and breaking down in tears because they could not afford “regular” food, and they had to depend on foodbanks. I’ve seen girls being so excited, in highschool, to get, for their birthday, a cheap lipgloss and eyeshadow box because it was something they never dreamed of having; I could write tons of example, but my goodness- in spite of all the ambiant coolness of our age, poverty is still there. And likewise, it’s easy to hold prejudices against apparently rich people- but again, I’d have countless examples on store that would prove that their lives are not easy as they seem to be
  • Spontaneous acts of kindness and hospitality, no matter how small, can be the beginning of a frienship and/or of a trustworthy relationship. Since often, people will never dare to ask- a plate of cookie and a note can go a long way. I am not saying this so people will say “how nice and thoughtful she is”. The point of giving, I believe, is not to bring attention to us or to try to sound or act kind, generous and benevolent. Some people are alone and suffering and small acts of kindness can really make a difference in their lives.
  • Teaching our children and kids in general to be thankful for what they have and not taking what they own -whether it be toys, food, clothes, anything- is crucial. I want one day to teach my kids that we ought to give thanks for what we have in our plates, and not be complaining. Someone once posted a video on Facebook and you could see Syrian children being asked what they wanted for Christmas- among their answers, one children said “Fresh bread”. Fresh bread. I get my bread every time at the local bakery – how many times I don’t think about the privilege being able to have fresh bread whenever I want ?
  • What good does it do, my brothers, if someone claims to have faith but does not prove it with actions? This kind of faith cannot save him, can it? Suppose a brother or sister does not have any clothes or daily food and one of you tells them, “Go in peace! Stay warm and eat heartily.” If you do not provide for their bodily needs, what good does it do?In the same way, faith by itself, if it does not prove itself with actions, is dead. (James 2:14-17)
  • I was also deeply touched by one of the things John Piper mentionned in his letter. This boy struggles with a lack of food, and in a way or another, we will all come to struggle with an apparent lack of something in our lives. Looking back at my past, I lacked that something; I now realize that God perfectly used that lack to prepare me for something greater than the said lack- during that time, He shaped me and molded me so I could be fit for the next season of my life, and it reminds me, today, as I was complaining in my heart about something- that everything is under His control and that I can trust Him for the next season of my life, and that all I will be going through, ” God works all things together for the good of those who love Him” (Romans 8:28)

God is good,


From the web- brought to you by the C.S Lewis Institute


That picture. My favorite author, writing, and probably drinking tea. I’d frame it.

Today, I came across a tweet, posted by the C.S Lewis institute, with a link to an article they posted in 2008, “Growing up Spiritually”. It was a huge encouragement since lately, my heart was heavy, as I am someone who tends to trust her feelings, and I was wondering why I could not sense the presence of God in my life. I thought I’d share it and I hope it will encourage you as well if you are currently feeling a bit down. I now love the Reflections page on that site !

Please note, if you are not familiar with C.S Lewis writings, that the Screwtape Letters are a satirical novel, taking the form of letters a demon, Screwtape, writes to a young demon, Wormwood. The paragraph in the text is an excerpt of The Screwtape Letters.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight”

(2 Corinthians 5:7)

From the web: The anatomy of the hole in your soul {LOVE & SINGLENESS}


That’s why us girls feel the pull of lovesickness so tangibly – we were created to love, even in the seasons that we are single. There are holes in our souls, because deep down, we desire to have a wonderful relationship with our Savior.” -Ellie Duhadway

Today, I came across a really nice post found on Tirzah Magazine -the quote above is an excerpt of it- and it was definitely a huge encouragement. I will make sure to read it often since it is jam-packed of truths I so often need to remind myself about… I wanted to share it with you on the blog. Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂