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Because every blog needs an About Me page…


Hello there ! I am Stéphanie, a French girl who once fell in love with a cookie.

Actually, I’m not that fond of cookies- I was just looking for a decent username when I created this blog, and since cookies are very trendy- every website and blog has a cookie policy- I guessed this biscuit was something we were supposed to take seriously, and now we are here.

Before starting university, I blogged pretty regularly, (in French then) until that fateful day where piles of books appeared out of nowhere on my desk and I eventually, I saved everything I wrote on my blog and decided to delete it: it was the end of an adventure. I no longer had time to blog. I loved it, and I missed it terribly: at that time, I had no cellphone, no Facebook, Instagram did not even exist, and one of the most awaited times of the week for that 16 years old girl was when she could sit and write one, or two, or five posts.

A few years later, at 22 and having a bit of spare time (yet the piles of books did not disappear), she decided to come back to the blogging world and she can now finally sit down and write one, or two, or five posts just because writing is always legitimate. Among posts about books, quotes and poems, you might come across a recipe or two- I love cooking and one random fact about me is that I always stop when I walk by a boulangerie – a bakery- just to admire the macarons, baguettes and Paris-Brest. Yep, no need to be an American tourist to be amazed every time you see a baker’s creation !

Random things I love: Baking bread (once I began I never stopped); cooking (especially middle-eastern, vegetarian and all sorts of exotic foods from all around the world); homemaking; plants and aromatherapy; modest fashion; nature and animals, reading and writing.

Make yourself home, grab a cup of tea and feel free to leave a comment; I love hearing from my readers !

Thank you for visiting my blog and may God bless you richly !