A new chapter

Hy everyone !

First of all-happy new year ! I finally get to sit down to write a post, my ! This blog has been collecting dust ! Well, it’s time to give it a second chance because it will be a much needed tool if I don’t want to become a hermit by the end of the year.

This semester, the last of my studies, has left me running around, trying over and over to get an internship. I sent tons of resumes and cover letters, and, at some point, I almost had to quit: I did not find a suitable one, nor did my professor, until that long awaited moment when the phone rang and, after a 40 minutes interview, voilà ! I was accepted in a French pharmaceutical company. Just like that ! Nope, I’m kidding. It was a true miracle. This story will probably be for another blog post.

For now, I’m ELATED that they have asked me to join them in the sunny area of Toulouse, in the South. For now, I’m not really nervous and I don’t plan to get nervous either, but my mother is starting to get emotional as her second baby is about to leave the nest. I used to live only an hour away from my parents home, so visiting them every weekend was no problem, which will not be norm now I’m moving 5 hours away. I admire you guys, especially in America, because you often leave the house at a young age to go to college-I count myself lucky to have spent 6 years by my family’s side.

The Lord has really been gracious. The whole “behind the scenes” preparation that it took to get into this master’s degree and in order to be accepted for this position came with lots of tears and discouragement, but, in it, I saw the hand of the Lord, who led me in an adventure far more different than what I expected.

So this is it, friends ! I’ll be leaving Tours by the end of January and will start a 6 month journey, or, who knows, longer, in Toulouse, and I hope to chronicle my happenings here.