Today’s diary: My back to school post !


Hy Ladies !

I am really excited to write this post (and no, it was not a lack of inspiration that led me to find some kind of super-uber-excited way of introduce it in order to get your attention lol). I am really excited to start university again, for what will be, God willing, my last year of pharmacy.

First of all, I want to start this post by thanking my God and Lord Jesus for the wonderful opportunity -after a year of questions and struggles, of an unexpected door- a Master’s degree in immunology, which is really interesting scientifically speaking and whose professors are amazing.

So today, for a bit of fun and also because I am well aware that I won’t have much time blogging this year, except for a few short posts every now and then, I thought I would blog about my back to school plans and habits ! 

After a short meeting we had this afternoon (we are starting school again only on Monday), I’m starting getting ready for the year: getting the pantry ready, as well as cleaning my desk and making it ready for Monday, washing my clothes and folding them, and cleaning my computer desktop !


asian food

I am not getting ready for a sushi party, no (though I’d like to !). I just made a little trip to the Asian store this afternoon!  This year, I will take up a habit I left in Canada, while I was living there as a teenager: packing my lunch. In France, we tend to eat lunch in a cafeteria or eat at home but the lunchbox is not really something you will find in a student’s backpack- the mentality of French people, when it comes to eating, is diametrically opposed to the American lifestyle. While in USA, students often survive on cereal bars and 20 min lunches, French people live la dolce vita: they like to sit for an hour, to have a hot meal just like at home and comment/criticize every culinary aspect of their plate.

I decided that this year, I would pack my lunch for lots of reasons: First, September will mark my first year as a vegetarian and there aren’t lots of vegetarians of options there; second, they tend to be overly-generous with portions at the cafeteria and that guarantees that I will fall asleep right after lunch, during the afternoon lectures and as we all know, that the surest path to success right ?

So I’m beginning to gather all the supplies that I will need to pack, every evening, vegetarian lunches. I missed the Canada days !

Here are a few vegetarian lunches ideas:


I guess that I will have to let my creativity speak this year since I don’t want to spend the whole semester on Pinterest but I expect a lot of hummus, salads with rice/bulgur/etc and fruits.


One thing I have learned during my studies is that a clean desk, a minimalist one with JUST what you need is a huge help and keeps you from being distracted. And a drink plus food is sure to keep you at the desk. Make studying fun ! Highlighting and making your notes pretty is note a waste of time and helps you to remember the material.

Via Pinterest


-It will be a minimalist year: minimalism in clothes, in possessions, in skincare/makeup routine, because I know how time-consuming these things proved to be in the past and I definitely don’t want them to take too much place when getting ready every morning.

-Social media and using time wisely: I’ve decided that I would cut on most social media and use my time with wisdom

-Projects of this year: Improve my English as there is a possibility, for my second semester, to move out of the country for the internship (I’m highly interested in an internship either in Ireland, the USA or Germany)

-Read a lot instead of spending my free time on social media…

As I said, I’ll probably won’t be blogging as much as I used to do but I really want to make this year count. I hope to blog from time to time but till next time… Happy back to school everyone !

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