1000 gifts: count your blessings

  • A beautiful devotional with my family
  • time with my brother who just visited
  • my sister’s love for the Lord, for the Word and her maturity
  • my loving parents
  • a peaceful home
  • food
  • a vacation in Florida that allowed us to relax
  • The gentle discipline of the Lord
  • Tons of new books my mom got me at a Christian conference
  • The new affections the Lord has put in my heart
  • New clothes
  • My upcoming registration for my Master’s degree
  • Godly older women that are here for me
  • A “no” from the Lord that spared me much heartache
  • New friends
  • The opportunity to write letters
  • Safety during our travellings
  • Fellowship with believers
  • The end of my internship on August 31
  • One of my dear friends has been cleared of cancer…
  • The good times I had with cousins this summer

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