Ideas of things to do when you are tempted to use your phone (for no reason)

  • Draw. Get a box of crayons or watercolor painting and make something pretty !
  • Write a letter to someone. A friend told me that she was sad she got plenty of Facebook messages for her wedding but only one or two handwritten letters (strange but true !)
  • Pray
  • Exercice !
  • Spa hour at home: my friend read a statistic evaluating the time lost on pointless time on phone to two.hours.yes.maam. We often complain we don’t have time, yet…
  • Clean a room while listening to music or a podcast
  • Open your eyes to the marvellous nature we were given: go out for a walk (and take those crayons with you !)
  • Think, and make a list of the people you think need most help. Is somebody lonely ? Is there a widow you know who might need a listening ear or a loving presence ?
  • Choose a chapter of the Bible, or a small book and read it, take notes, memorize some verses
  • Do something unexpected for someone.

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