A lack of intentionality

As you can see, I now blog every Friday because it is the only time of the week where I have the leisure of writing.

This will be a very short post to write down my thoughts on something that I find is plaguing our society: the lack of intentionality. That kind of social laziness that sees that, given that everything is so easily available these days, is slow to be intentional.

Let me give you short examples:

-We rarely remember birthday dates because, of course, Facebook will remind us of them

-Since we have the world in that little box called a phone, we take people for granted since they are in our contacts and rarely have meaningful conversations with them

And that applies with our time with the Lord, as well.

We pray when the mandatory, traditional occasions “command” it: such as before the meal, in church, when we are in an emergency, and sure, these occasions are important, and necessary… but is that all there is ? The Bible says to pray at all times, throughout the day, but as someone said, young people love those prayers they can utter during the day, but it is absolutely necessary, along with that, to set an intentional time of prayer, of intimacy with the Lord.

In every relationship (true friendship, marriage and family), of course, sometimes, we will not have the whole day to have long walks and discussions, but I find it inconceivable that the whole of our interactions be reduced to text messages and short words.

Quality time requires intentionality and preparation, and therefore, creating quality times is incompatible with laziness and unwillingness to invest effort in a relationship, in my opinion. It says, I am going to put everything that might distract me away and dedicate this hour (or this day) to you, and we don’t necessarily have to scream it from the rooftops on every social media: I want to spend that time with you, just for the sheer pleasure of being with you. Or, intentionality says, “Today, I am going to call this person and ask how she/he is doing, not just randomly call the first person who I see online because I am bored“.

Likewise in our relationship with God ! “But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” (Luke 5;16). The Lord is a Person, and even more, the Most Glorious Person. And that calls for our attention, and intentionality, and concentration, and focus, and our deepest interest. Oh, to not be lukewarm in our affections and intentions !! He certainly was not when He died on the cross for us…





2 thoughts on “A lack of intentionality

  1. Some good thoughts here, Stephanie. I’m totally guilty with the Facebook birthdays (and often even miss those)! I’ve been working on being more intentional with the face to face time that I have with my daughter… Rather than letting it get stolen away by my phone. Thanks for spurring me on in the direction of intentionality within relationships- both horizontal and vertical!


    1. Thanks for the comment sister ! I know the struggle, and discipline is a daily lesson here, you are definitely not alone ! Yesterday, as I was cooking and cleaning the kitchen, I noticed that doing these tasks were, strangely, more fun to do when not interrupted by your phone… Our phone was meant to be a mean, not an end in itself… Be blessed !


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