Redeeming time #1- Spending less time on the Internet

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This Sept. 3, 2011 photo courtesy of Luminaire Images Photography shows groom James Williams, right, as he watches his bride Lauren Barnes use her iPhone to accept his Facebook relationship status change to married during their wedding at Long Beach Museum of Art in Long Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Luminaire Images Photography, Molly Yarchin)

Get ready for the long intro, the nice list comes at the end of the post ^^:

Have you ever thought about the fact that if, by some accident, the Internet as a platform was to be destroyed, if every blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and applications on your phone were to disappear, you would be very angry, if not regretful ?

I thought about that this afternoon. I was contemplating the possibility of the Internet disappearing, and all these pixels being swallowed in some kind of virtual vortex. How would then be our interaction with others ? Our capacity to be creative without instantly googling key words every time we are looking for a tutorial, a lesson, or a recipe ? How would we use our time ?

In my opinion, when it comes to the Internet and all those technology gadgets (Iphones, Ipad, IwhatIforgottomention), what was meant to be a mean became an end in itself. Really. I am not saying this with a judgmental perspective but as mere observers, we can list all the positive and negative changes these things brought in our lives.

Positive changes: more information available, at any moment; Ability to reach for help where needed in case of emergency; spending less money on things or classes you can take for free online.

Negative changes: (I’ll be pretty heavy-handed on this): less interaction with real people (the art of dinners where everybody is on his or her phone); isolation; a diminished sense of intentionality: instead of purposefully buying/creating a card and writing a happy birthday note to someone, Facebook reminds you a birthday day and you just shoot said person a “have a great day” post; I think we tend to use less our imagination because of all these available ressources who are no longer only inspirations but a second brain; narcissism (putting an enormous amount of time when it comes to makeup and looks so it would look good because of course selfies and pictures are coming and of course they won’t end up in your family album but seen by everyone on FB- hey, I’m guilty of that too)…

And, worse of all, or rather to sum everything up, becoming an end rather than a mean. Remember all those old cellphones ? With a tiny screen and buttons (prehistoric, I know) ? Their purpose was to call and text for the sake of information and of course, when it comes to ladies, endless chatting but that was the only thing they were programmed for.

It now seems that now we are doing thousands of pretty things: DIYs, recipes, writing articles it could be seen. What I am afraid of is that often, those things are not done for the sake of God or people around us, but for the mere compulsive satisfaction of posting it on the sake of … what ?

Of what ? What’s the purpose ? Of course photography is something enjoyable and I am fond of cooking but would we be happy to do these things without having them posted on EVERY.APP. Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, TumblR, Blog if any ?

That is why I resolved to think outside the box and to redeem the time, because I want to truly be able to do things and stop wishing. I decided to take practical steps that I’ll be sharing with you here on the blog:



There is a little printing business near my home. Today, I started browing the Internet for PDFs of vegetarian recipes because though I have a few cookbooks, I was still in need of a cookbook that falls in that category. I found one huge vegan cookbook on the Internet with tons of option and I hope to print it week. This way, instead of systematically resorting to my phone when it comes to cooking, I will first use #1 my brain #2 real cookbooks #3 if I am really looking for something that is not found in the cookbook or something special, only then Google.

Another alternative: print recipes/ other and put them in a binder.

It seems my brain tends to memorize much more easily when I read on real.paper.When I write down things. When I highlight. I once printed an article from National Geographic and read it aloud with a friend. It was a good moment, we discussed, and we did not have the urge to close the tap and open 23 others and jump from one topic to another. We were just enjoying the moment.


I just love handwritten letters. There something so personal and unique about them. And you actually send or receive something, something real, not some pixels ! It is sure to please and there are so many ways to make it personal and heartfelt.


Knit. Just close your eyes, as you are sitting in the bus (but don’t blame it on me if you miss the bus stop please) and think hard about something: a weekly topic, how you can help somebody, some Bible verses, a creative idea. Take yourself out for a date with a book and have coffee: it’s such a treat to have a nice quiet time every once in a while.


I love those tutorials on Youtube: I have, like lots of people, my favorite Youtubers but I realized something last week: there is something cool about doing the said things with somebody else. After watching countless tutorials on knitting, it was not until my little sister, who unbeknownst to be is a good knitter, that I learned to crochet. And I found the experience of chatting with a makeup artist and trying with her different blush colors more enjoyable than staying home by myself and binge-watching tons of Youtube Hauls..

Note: this post only reflects my own opinion and I understand that technology, in a way, is a necessity: I work in a hospital where without all those softwares, we would not be able to manage the thousands of chemotherapies we have to send every day. Its more of a personal list of resolutions I intend to work on, because ““All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be dominated by anything.” (1 Corinthians 6:12)








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