Schedule # 1


The hard thing when you are living alone, as a student, is that when you have to study at home, whether because the library is too far and it’s raining or simply because it’s late and you have no option but to study in your room, is that you can often lack the motivation to study since there is no one to be accountable to ! Especially if like me, you only have a few lectures every now and then and that therefore, you rarely get to study with your friends from uni.

That’s why I have decided to start posting my schedules here online, and at the end of each week, cross the items off the list to give me a boost.


17/02-21/02: Things to do

-Cardiology homework -> done

-Accounting: read 4 lectures

-Create a Prezi for my presentation -> done

-Start putting a binder together for my pharmacology exam

-Tackle and finish the first chapter of this binder: diabetology

-Clean my room -> almost done

-Do laundry -> done

-Clean the bathroom -> will do on Monday

-30 min of fitness



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