In the kitchen: vegan mayo




Most of the time when I cook vegan/vegetarian “meat” with tofu, I don’t try to persuade people it tastes something it does not.Oh, of course, I once had tofu which, after a little trip in a plate full of flour and then into a frying pan, tasted like chicken nuggets but to be honest -it was a special tofu, stuffed with crow garlic that made it-well, special.

Tofu is tofu. Soy milk is soy milk. You can’t have your cake and eat it too (as a Frenchie I never got the point of that expression, I am buying the cake to eat it- what’s wrong with English guys ?!).  You become a vegetarian, though there are more and more bloggers that aim at recreating a “dupe” recipe of something, you either have to have a lot of time, imagination, exotic ingredients and perseverance to create a perfect replica of an authentic chicken. 

Today, my opinion on that slightly changed. I woke up at 5 AM and had a very busy day. My mom, who by the way is from Middle-East, saw that after the exams I shed a few pounds sent me a ton of food including real chicken. I had to have mayonnaise with it. And just for the challenge (and also because I never tried a real mayo-only the store bought one, which is a shame for a French), I wanted to try a vegan mayo; and for one of the first times, I had a vegan product which not only tasted exactly like the real mayo, but it was better: lighter yet still creamy. No picture here because the lighting was not good enough though ! I made the first recipe here and added a bit of pepper and garlic powder. To be honest, I think anyone who will try this recipe will never come back to the store-bought mayo.

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