Blogs I follow: food, homemaking, and other cool blogs

Recently, I decided to compile all the useful ressources in a list that I am posting here on my blog, just because I think that nowadays, the temptation to use in the world can make one waste a lot of time. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…Sometimes, the quest for a recipe become an endless wandering on your phone or your computer, and instead of really doing “real stuff”, you just spend hours and hours contemplating what you could do…without never doing it ! I really want to be wise when it comes to time management. Though I did not get rid of my accounts by deactivating them, I recently got rid of the Instagram and Pinterest App on my phone. And, instead of having my energy being spread everywhere, I choosed to stick to a few good blogs ! Here we go 🙂

Let’s eat !

  1. Oh she glows. Mostly vegan recipes !
  2. Une végétarienne presque parfaite (French)
  3. Cléa Cuisine (French)
  4. Paris-Alep (Syrian food…in French :/ Sorry guys you can’t beat French and Middle-Eastern food, hence the lack of english blogs)
  5. Cookie and Kate (oh, look, another cookie 😉 )
  6. VegrecipesofIndia

Cleaning up

Here are a few tools I use when it comes to my cleaning routine.


Found on Pinterest. I really need schedules- without them I’d attempt to do everything in a day instead of divide up the work.

-Since I am trying to find natural alternatives to conventional cleaning products, I found a website full of tips-(french) and another one here (english) on how you can make your own cleaning products at home with products you already have (vinegar, essential oils). When I’ll have time, I hope to print them and put them in a “homemaking binder”.

Fun stuff

Here are a few blogs I’ve been following-just for fun:

  1. Blessed Femina, by Miss Jen- one of my favorite
  2. Maid for More
  3. Living for Jesus. Katrina had a tremendous influence on me and she’s probably one of the sweetest women I know.
  4. I’m no Angel. Kylie Bisutti is a former Victoria Secrets model who became a Christian. You can know read her blog posts on her blog- I also read her eponymous book which is really great !


Everyday, my workout consists in doing a bit of fitness-ballet. It helped me a lot with my posture and I can do it every morning at home, which is great because I would not have the time to go to the gym anyway. Don’t let the word ballet fool you though, it’s harder than you think !

That’s pretty much everything for today. Nothing fancy, but I’m intending to simplify my life and not waste it on social media- so I’d rather gather everything in a list that I can access easily via my blog 🙂

Have a lovely weekend !


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