Being ourselves at home ?




I read those lines before going to sleep today and thought I’d share them. Below is the part of the text that caught my attention, answering a question that was very present in my mind, but that I never was able to put into words so far. How do we come to that place, that shelter called home and, there, in that little parcel that we call our own, are merely ourselves ? 

“How, then, are people to behave at home? If a man can’t be comfortable and unguarded, can’t take his ease and “be himself” in his own house, where can he? That is, I confess, the trouble. The answer is an alarming one. There is nowhere this side of heaven where one can safely lay the reins on the horse’s neck. It will never be lawful simply to “be ourselves” until “ourselves” have become sons of God….” 

C.S Lewis, God in the Dock

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