What my plate taught me today



This year, as I mentioned in a post once, I had to slightly alter my diet and, without making it an obsession either, I began to make healthier choices, reducing my consumption of certains foods, even, for some of them, make them almost disappear from my menu and only have them on special occasions. I now feel better than ever and while in the past, the idea alone of parting with some of my favorite snacks and dishes would have been inconceivable, today, I’d say it is the opposite: what seemed to me to be a sacrifice and a restrictive diet solved some problems I had- and if everything goes well I will not go back.

And today, as I was eating lunch, I was thinking about something. I am careful to pick the right ingredients and I follow a scrupulous meal plan type. Some of my family members who have type I diabetes have to be even more extra-careful about what they eat, and when they eat it, because what they eat will have a tremendous impact on their health, and -as one of my professors told me, what a diabetic patient eats not only influence his sugar levels today, but how he eats will, for a great part, determine the severity and the degree of medical complications he will be likely to suffer from later in life.

So here we are, being attentive what we put in our plates: the extra spoon of sugar. That gluten-free bread. That pinch of salt.

But how do we care for our souls ?

On what kind of spiritual bread do we feed ? What do we put in our “spiritual” plate ? When it comes to nutrition and science, opinions vary and nutrition is not always, depending on our body type and environment and dozens of other factos, an exact science- but when it comes to our spiritual life, do we feed on what we know for sure are toxic foods ? Lethal foods ? Do we feed on the Word of God or on what the world has to offer us ? Are we careful to not set our eyes on things that are harmful for our souls ? Things that, when watched on TV, read, seen, will stir our affections for bad things ? Or will we set our eyes and minds on “things are true, that are honest, things that are just, things that are pure, things that are lovely, things that are of good report” (Philippians 4:8) ?

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