From the web: I love being a girl


Those days you write two (shorts) posts.

Love them.

I could not wait to share with you girls two of my favorite women-oriented ressources. I’ve been following Revive our Hearts for a while now and I love what they post on it- but yesterday, I re-discovered Lies Young Women Believe, a blog based on an eponymous book written by Nancy Leigh de Moss, a wonderful woman who also writes for Revive Our Hearts. I think all women will be encouraged by their sound, relevant posts- and I can’t recommend LYWB strongly enough to all the single gals out there. I read a few posts yesterday before going to bed and -having no assembly currently- I was so thankful for being able to have godly women encouraging me through what they write.

“If you’ve ever believed “I have to perform to be loved and accepted,” or “Beautiful girls are worth more,” than you’ve been straight-up lied to. We want to help you smash those lies with Truth from God’s Word so you can be free!”– Lies Young Women Believe

Have a blessed day dear readers 🙂



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