A week without my Iphone

vladimir tea

This week, I was Iphone-less. My parents came to visit me and accidentally, my mom, or my sister maybe, took my phone charger and therefore, I was left with a little red battery with 10% left on the top right corner of my phone, which was soon followed by a black screen.

It was probably one of the most amazing week I had this year. Not that something special happened: I just realized, in the bus, that I was thinking deeply, meditating and analyzing things, even inventing poems without my thoughts being “fragmented” due to the constant interruption of that flat little black box. It made me rethink my priorities. It gave me space. I just loved it.

This week, I blogged, I cooked, I thought a lot and deeply, I read, I wrote a letter, and- I started to sew ! One of my friends is so good at sewing she could be a seamstress, and sewing things like little pillows, bags, crocheting scarves is something I always wanted to learn.

Today, I was thinking about something. I just, 15 minutes ago, came back from a bagel/coffee shop where I went to study with one of my friends. As I bit into my salmon-cream cheese bagel, I felt I was really enjoying the moment, without feeling that “urge” to share it on Instagram and the need to post on Twitter the following :”Goodness, that was the best bagel I had y’all ! Yum !”. As I left the coffee shop, said goodbye to my friend and jumped in the tramway, I did not feel as I missed something by not making my evening a public event on social media. I just had a good time. A time I was thoroughly enjoying, because I was not constantly interrupted.

And now, I’m seriously thinking of trading my Iphone for the most basic cellphone I can find.

“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.”-CS Lewis, The Weight of Glory

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